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CLIENT Praise 


"When we first met, I felt so down and out that I never though I could recover. You
changed all that and made me realize that I can be whatever I want to be. The
possibilities are endless. Anne will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m so
happy to know she will be helping others just like she helped me!"

-Diane D-

"Thank you for a wonderfully engaging format that helped me realize my dream and
bring it to life."

-Monica V-

"Anne is truly gifted in her ability to crate a supportive and safe environment for growth. I
have recommended her to many family, friends and co-workers. I feel inspired,
empowered and confident to follow my dreams since I completed the Dreambuilder
course with Anne."

-Wendy Q-

"Anne is both an outstanding coach as well as a skillful and compassionate
psychotherapist. I highly recommend her work….which helps women reclaim passion
and power in their lives."

-Diane H-

"Through the coaching experience, I have been able to heal and recharge my life in
ways I did not believe possible. Through the coaching sessions with Anne, I was able to
put the past to rest, see my present clearly, and become the creator of a brighter future."

-Karen L-

"The Dreambuilding course I took with Anne was amazing and life changing. She taught
me how to design the life I want and deserve. It works!!! The tools she taught me I will
always use. It was a positive fabulous experience. I recommend it!!!!"

-Jan S-

"You are good medicine, my friend!"

-Jennifer B-

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